Coping with Ambiguous Loss

The impact of COVID-19 has really left so many people in a personal state of loss. As Diane and I worked through some of these coping factors in our COVID-19 YouTube series we found ourselves working through a variety of issues that are pervasive, complicated and full of grief for so many. Indeed these have been unusual and devastating times.

We found this article, written by Beth Tyson in ACES Connection that really is a good summary of what we are all facing in our society due to COVID-19 and a variety of other factors. Here are a couple of quotes from the article:

Covid-19 has upended our sense of normalcy and safety in many homes across the world. In addition to the loss of security we are experiencing, people coping with loss before the pandemic are living in a very vulnerable position. For the first time in our lives, we are grieving in isolation. Loved ones are unable to be present with dying relatives to comfort them and say goodbye. Funerals and mourning activities are impossible without fear of catching the virus. Children in the child welfare system are disconnected from their birth families without visits taking place.

As human beings, we’ve been coping with grief through group connections since the beginning of time. Grieving with others is a protective factor for our psychological health and provides closure for what we’ve lost. Because many of us are suffering alone with ambiguous loss, it can be helpful to understand how this impacts our lives and what we can do to find support.

The rest of the article is extremely helpful to read for those who are struggling to cope with some losses due to COVID-19. Here is the link.

As we face so many challenges we recognize that there are many losses that we as a society, as communities and as families are experiencing. We do need to hold each other up during this time of recovery and healing.

Gerry Vassar